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How to Prepare Your Home for the Winter

How to Prepare Your Home for the Winter

Although the Nashville area has received some snowy weather, overall, it has been a pretty mild winter so far.  Before it gets too cold, we wanted to give homeowners a few tips on how to winterize their homes during these cold months.

1. Seal any drafts.  Most drafts come from doors and windows.  In order to minimize the amount of heat loss around a door, a quick and easy fix is to use a draft snake. (Which can be something you buy, or you can even just roll up a bath towel.)  You just place it along the bottom of the door on the floor and that should keep the warm air in and the cold air out. You can also use a draft snake for windows.  Another way to insulate your windows would be to layer your curtains.

2. Turn down your water heater. Lowering your water heater setting by 20 degrees can reduce your water heating costs by as much as 10%!

3. Turn it down! By remembering to turn your thermostat down whenever you are leaving home, you can significantly reduce your monthly bills.

4. Insulate! If you spend a little money now to buy some extra insulation to add in your attic, you can save on your monthly heating bill.  However, be aware and do not add any with a “kraft face” finish.  It will act as a vapor barrier and cause moisture problems.

5. Reverse your Fans. If your ceiling fans run clockwise, it will bring warm air down from the ceiling.  Therefore, you don’t have to have your thermostat turned up as high

6. Insulate the Pipes.  Adding pre-slit foam to your pipes will help you pay less for hot water.  You can get these at most hardware stores, and can cut them yourself.

7. Use an Energy Monitor. If you wanted to spend a little money, you can purchase an energy monitor which tracks your electrical usage and projects your monthly bill.  You would be able to see where you are spending more of your money, and seeing where you need to cut back on.

8.  Flush out the Water Heater.  Residue can build up in your water heater, making it less efficient.  If you flush it out periodically, that can increase the efficiency of your water heater.  The best part of this job: FREE!!

9.  Insulate your Windows! By adding window insulation film to your windows, you can save up to 70% of your heat from escaping through your windows.

10. Change the Filters.  Changing the filters in your units monthly can help your unit run more efficiently, and make it work longer.  Filters are not expensive at all compared to what a new unit would cost.

We hope these simple tips will help you save money on heating costs this winter, and it will keep your house better prepared for the cold winter months ahead.

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