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Tips to sell your home faster!

Tips to sell your home faster!

If you are trying to sell your home, many factors play a part.  I have a few suggestions and tips to help improve your home’s appearance and to help you prepare to sell faster.

In the Kitchen:

1. Microwave a small dish of vanilla twenty minutes before a showing and place it in an out-of-the-way place.

2. Highlight an eat-in area in your kitchen with a table set for dinner.

3. The kitchen and bathrooms should always be spotlessly clean.

4. Expand your counter space by removing small appliances.

In the bedrooms:

5. Create a master suite effect in your decorating.

6. Depersonalize bedrooms and decorate in a neutral scheme.

7. Make sure that the beds are made and the linens are clean.

8. Organize your closets, remove unnecessary items and put them in storage.

In the bathrooms:

9. Do not leave towels around and wipe down the sinks and shower areas after each use.

10. Re-caulk the tub if the caulk is not sparkling white.

11. Repair or replace broken tiles in the shower/tub.

12. Replace shower curtains and keep them clean.

13. Put out fresh towels and decorative soaps.


14. Keep the yard mowed and raked at all times.

15. Use flowering plants to dress up the yard, walkway, and patio.

16. Remove all toys, bicycles, tools, unsightly patio furniture, and trash from the yard.

17. Porches, steps, verandas, balconies, patios, and other extensions of the home should be kept uncluttered, swept, and in good condition.

18. Paint all entrance doors.

19. Make sure the garage door opens easily.  Fix and paint the garage door if necessary.

20. Clean and shine all hardware and accessories indoors and out (doorknobs, knockers, lamps, mailbox, address numbers, etc.)

21. Trees and shrubs should be trimmed and pruned.

22. Use a new doormat.

23. Be sure the front doorbell is in good working order.

24. Be sure the front door and screen door works perfectly.

Hopefully these simple tips will help you get your home sold faster.