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Tips for Moving Day

Tips for Moving Day

Everyone has their own tricks when it comes to packing and getting ready for moving.  Here are a few more handy tips that you may not have heard about, which may make things easier come moving day.

1. Create DIY box handles by cutting a triangle shape on opposite sides of the box.

2. Use soft items such as blankets, stuffed animals, etc as padding and space fillers.

3. Defrost your fridge about 24-48 hours before moving day.  Be sure to towel dry the inside.

4. Place masking tape in an “X” across mirrors.  This is help absorb some of the shock, and help to keep the mirror in the frame.

5. Before you unplug your electronics, be sure to take a picture of the cords, so when you get to your new home, you will know exactly which cords go in each plug.  This will making setting them back up that much easier!

6. Use rolling luggage for heavy items such as books!

7. While your clothes are still hanging, fit them in a garbage bag!  This will protect them, but saves you the hassle of taking them off and putting them back on the hangers!

8. Pack a “First Night” box or bag!  Since it usually takes a while to find everything that you may need, just pack a box with the essentials that you will need for the first night!  *You might want to include: toilet paper, toiletries, medications, snacks, basic cleaning supplies, COFFEE and coffee maker, a first-aid kit, a utility knife, pet supplies, a night light for the kids, bedding, disposable plates, cups, and utensils.

9. Separate plates with foam plates.  This will keep them protected, but won’t break the bank!

10. Use plastic wrap! This is extremely helpful for any piece of furniture with doors or drawers, and will keep them in place!

11. Instead of wrapping glasses and bowls in newspaper, you can wrap them with paper bags! Use two for extra protection!

12. Head up to the local liquor store and get some empty wine cases to use to pack your glassware!  This is extremely useful since the box is already divided into sections!

13.  Create a packing basket!  You will be able to keep all of your items that you need to pack boxes in one place! Items you can include are: packaging tape, labels, scissors, Sharpies, a screw driver, baggies, and a utility knife.

14.  Use fitted sheets to keep your mattresses and box springs protected from dirt and debris on moving day! Just place one on the top of the mattress, then one on the bottom, and you are fully protected!

15.  Fasten necklaces through an empty toilet paper roll to keep them from getting tangled.  Use an empty egg carton to keep your rings, earrings, and bracelets separated so that they won’t get lost!

16.  If any furniture needs to be taken off ( for example, the legs taken off of your kitchen table), keep the screws and bolts together in a plastic bag, labeled with the name of the furniture.

17. Use storage bins to keep seasonal items organized.  This way you will know exactly what goes into the garage, and what goes in the attic!

18. To avoid ruining other items, drain the oil and gas out of lawn equipment!

19.  If you kept the boxes that your TVs or computers came in, this is the perfect time to use them! They will offer the most protection to these items, especially if you kept the styrofoam!  However, if you did not keep those boxes, the next best alternative would be to double box these items!  It will provide an extra layer of protection for these items that you are worried about breaking!

20. Utilize everything!  Use your washer and dryer as storage! Stuff your socks into your shoes to save space! Use an oven mitt to store knives safely! Think outside the box!

21.  Print out brightly colored labels for each room of the new house.  This will help keep you organized, and on moving day, you can take the boxes to the exact room that they will be in.  Also print out plenty of labels that say “FRAGILE” on them.  You can never be too careful!

22. Color Coding- You can place a different color of duct tape on each box, depending on what room it will go in.  (For example: Red tape- all boxes with red tape go to the kitchen, all boxes with green tape go into den, etc).  However, since the decorative duct tape is a little pricey, this could end up being more expensive than you want.

23.  Leave lightweight items in the drawers!  This will save you time, and also it will save you space.  (This is a great tip if you also do tip number 10!)

24.  Use towels! You can wrap delicate kitchen items or decorative accessories with towels for protection.  You can also stuff towels in boxes to prevent shifting around.

25. Pack the items in the moving truck as tightly as possible!  If you don’t pack them tightly, there is always a chance of them falling, or shifting, or breaking on the drive to your new home!

26. Have a sense of humor!  Things may not go according to plan.  It’s OK!  Moving can be stressful, but just take a deep breath, and remember that everything will be alright!