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Builder Trade In Program Featured Agent

Builder Trade In Program Featured Agent


Team Teller is so excited and proud to announce that Paul Teller has been named one of the featured agents for the Builder Trade In Program!  Here is what they have to say about Paul and Team Teller:

“If you’re looking for an example of success, you don’t have to look much further than to Nashville, TN and our BTI specialist, Paul Teller!  Paul has quickly risen to the top as one of our highest-performing trade in program agents, making a huge impact in his local market!  You may have had the pleasure to hear Paul share his insights as part of our Agent Panel at this years’ Family Reunion in Phoenix.

Paul is a second generation real estate professional, with great expertise in marketing and selling property. Paul embraces and engages all sorts of technology in his business, from blogs and videos to social media marketing and networking. Paul’s successful builder business team includes Marcus Heflin, his BTI specialist, and Clint Haynes, of People’s Home Equity mortgage, to name a few.

Together, this Nashville power team is making huge inroads with the Builder Trade In Program, helping to solidify our brand in that active part of the country. We love having Paul on our national team!”

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Congrats Paul!


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