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Average Sales Price of Greater Nashville Homes in 2015

Average Sales Price of Greater Nashville Homes in 2015

Looking back, 2015 was a wonderful year in the world of real estate, and it looks as though things are only going up from here. Last year, we saw home prices soar as inventory hit an all time low. According to greater Nashville’s multiple listing system, there were 37,033 single-family homes sold in 2015 alone. That is over 100 homes sold every day! Lets take a look at homes purchased in 2015 based on the average sales price in that particular area.

  1. Brentwood: Average Sales Price of $683,495

    Address: 1719 Danford Park Close   Square Footage: 4139 sqft   Bedrooms/Baths:  5/4   Sold: $683,000 on July 16th

  2. Franklin: Average Sales Price of $497,084

    Address: 6505 Arklow Ct    Square Footage: 3499 sqft   Bedrooms/Baths: 5/3   Sold: $497,000 on May 1st

  3. Mt. Juliet: Average Sales Price of $283,581

    Address: 702 Bench Lane #141    Square Footage: 2866 sqft   Bedrooms/Baths: 5/3.5    Sold: $283,973 on May 14th

  4. Hendersonville: Average Sales Price of $261,552

    Address: 114 Chipwood Drive    Square Footage: 2775 sqft   Bedrooms/Baths: 4/2.5    Sold: $261,500 on June 1st

  5. Murfreesboro: Average Sales Price of $219,740

    Address: 2644 Candlewick Ct   Square Footage: 2204 sqft   Bedrooms/Baths: 4/3.5    Sold: $220,000 on August 4th

  6. Belle Meade: Average Sales Price of $1.199M

    Address: 4311 Sunnybrook Drive   Square Footage: 4341 sqft   Bedrooms/Baths: 4/4.5    Sold: $1.2M on October 20th

  7. The Nashville Hills (Berry, Forrest, and Oak): Average Sales Price of $849,362 

    Address: 1308 Old Hickory Blvd   Square Footage: 6917 sqft   Bedrooms/Baths: 6/5.5    Sold: $850,000 on August 10th

  8. East Nashville: Average Sales Price of $325,217

    Address: 317 A Edwin   Square Footage: 1996 sqft   Bedrooms/Baths: 3/2.5    Sold: $326,500 on December 10th

  9. Hillsboro/West End: Average Sales Price of $594,335

    Address: 2127 Ashwood Ave   Square Footage: 2399 sqft   Bedrooms/Baths: 3/2    Sold: $604,000 on September 3rd

  10. Sylvan Park: Average Sales Price of $502,512

    Address: 4904 Idaho Ave   Square Footage: 2704 sqft   Bedrooms/Baths: 5/3    Sold: $502,500 on August 31st