Selling Your Home with Team Teller

See why Team Teller is the best real estate agency for selling your home.

Selling Your Home

When you are hiring someone to sell your house you need to make sure you interview at least 3 agents.  Good consumers research products and services before they buy.  Therefore, do your homework.  We promise you will see that Team Teller is far superior to the competition offering stellar marketing, top-notch communication and ultimately a closed contract.

Steller Marketing

We certainly cannot guarantee the first buyer who walks through your doors will purchase your house.  However, we can guarantee hundreds of potential buyers will see and know your house is available.  It is like a grocery store or supermarket; there is a lot to choose from.  Team Teller will position your house at the checkout line.  Chances are, when someone walks by, they will buy!

Top Notch Communication

Whether you choose to communicate via e-mail, Skype, text, phone or face-to-face, Team Teller is committed to make sure you stay informed and educated through the whole process and even after.  You won’t have to worry about asking, because we will cover it.  Communication is key, and you are hiring us to be available.  You get what you ask and pay for.

Closed Contract

The money is in the bank.  Agents can list property all day long; Team Teller sells property all day long.  When it is all said and done, you are looking for someone to sell your house.  Team Teller is in the business of changing lives by selling houses!

There is a reason why Team Teller is #1.